Nation Branding Cool Balkania

Cool Balkania? Nation branding and the rest of Europe

In case you haven’t seen the latest EU promo video about Southeastern Europe, it’s trying to tell you we are all different and one and the same. Really? The only problem with this enlightening video is that it doesn’t exactly


The future of reading

New reading devices might not change the face of literature, but they will create readers’ communities. According to Readmill, books have a future and the future is digital* Literature is a strange form of art: the art behind all arts, it

Regards from Serbia cover

Regards from Pancevo: an interview with Aleksandar Zograf

The internationally acclaimed comic author speaks to Nina Bunjevac on the relationship between art and political turmoil, providing an impressive historical tour of Balkan alternative comics. Zograf is truly one of a kind When Aleksandar Zograf’s book Regards from Serbia

March 15, 2012
Origami Sound

Origami Sound, Romania’s musical revolution

You’d better watch out. Some of the world’s best chapters concerning the future of music starts unfolding in Bucharest The Romanian electronic scene has been responsible for quite a few surprises in the past years, whether you’re thinking of the

Marc Houle by Yonathan Baraki 4

Interview: Marc Houle

The techno maestro Marc Houle, ex-member of the legendary Minus collective, joins Tijana T in an online chat to talk about his weird Eastern European experiences, past life as a mega nerd, making 3 songs a day, getting hurt in

whore's glory

Whore’s Glory: Interview with Michael Glawogger

One of the most exciting documentary filmmakers today speaks about his creative process when dealing with delicate human issues in a world one rarely has access to The city of Belgrade has recently hosted the film director and cinematographer Michael


Crowdsourced constitution: better than the real thing?

From Cyber Yugoslavia to Iceland, online democracy is no longer just a fantasy. Plato must be turning in his grave During the late-1990s Internet era, the forgotten micronation of Cyber Yugoslavia (“CY”) was born. CY was launched in 1999, when

Petrova Gora by Vojin Bakic / Photo © Marc Schneider

The monument chaser: an interview with Marc Schneider

The photographer known for his breathtaking pictures of abandoned Yugoslav monuments “that look like they’re from the future” speaks to Nina Bunjevac about his experiences in the Balkan lands while tracing some of world’s least known masterpieces of memorial sculpture

kopimism logo

Let there be copy: Missionary Church of Kopimism, world’s only file sharing religion

BTURN teams up with SHARE Conference, a three-day international event in Belgrade, Serbia, focusing on Internet, new media and social activism, packed with talks, discussions, presentations and music gigs. In the upcoming weeks, we keep you informed on whos and

Sami Ben Gharbia

Get ready for SHARE2 conference

On April 26-28, Belgrade hosts the second edition of Europe’s premium event showcasing all things smart and subversive. Make sure you spread the news around With ominous acronyms liks SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA flooding our news feeds, the Share2 conference