The original hipsters: a piece of Yugoslav streetwear history

The real hipsters started their journey in ex Yugoslavia. Welcome to 1985 Split, Croatia, the cradle of the hottest legs in the Balkans

If you happen to know at least one stereotype about ex Yugoslavia it’s most likely the one that says all women from this region are beautiful. If you know a little more about the localities within this former socialist country, then for sure you’ve heard of Split, one of the most important cities on the Croatian Adriatic coast, the cradle of the hottest legs in ex Yugoslavia.

Another common fact is that this country was not like the others of the Eastern block. The peeps of Yugoslavia didn’t need a visa for any country in the world, Levi’s jeans and Coca-Cola were available on the market, the movies were not overdubbed and censored. A socialist paradise!

Here’s a piece of street history of Split which shows a high awareness of popular fashion of the time. Not much different from what you could have seen on MTV or the streets of New York. Balkan proto-hipsters photographed by Mr Fedja Klaric, some 20 years before the age of The Sartorialist. Autumn/winter 1985.

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