Yugoslavia: The land of casinos and sex on the beach

In this 1986 US travel documentary produced by CBS, Yugoslavia is presented as a socialist paradise where people spend their laid-back, carefree lives amidst breathtaking natural sceneries, with nations and religions coexisting in peaceful harmony. Just five years later, it all goes to hell: the socialist federation collapses in bloody inter-regional wars, the worst in European history since WWII. Yet, the viewer of this 30min film might think that back in the day it was all casinos and beaches.

The truth is that in 1986, Yugoslavia was already suffering from a serious economic crisis that would soon acquire disastrous political overtones. All this, of course, makes the film more interesting from today’s perspective.

And yes, it’s so 80’s. The over-permed blonde presenter Melody Rogers apparently has the hots for working class Yugoslav men who seem to jump out of nowhere every time she needs a ‘hand’. It’s almost like watching a porn video with all the sex scenes deleted. How can you not miss Yugoslavia?