Occupying the central position in Metelkova City with its pointy-roof open-air Schengen Kitchen, Klub Gromka and the wittily named Square With No Historical Memory in front of it are probably the  most emblematic places of this club-filled area of Ljubljana.

Originally a hub of the ‘Gromka’ alternative theatre group, during the years Klub Gromka matured into a cozy multi-functional space for smallish theatre and music performances, film screenings and lectures. Keeping its heavy wooden door locked on Sundays only, it regularly provides a shelter for progressive political debates, DIY educational programs, such as Workers’ Punk University, and unconventional gigs of the Defonija improvised music/free jazz series.

Not your cup of tea? No worries, there’s plenty of other sorts of partying going on in here as well. Namely, Gromka’s Wednesday to Saturday nights are most often filled with electro, street punk, post-punk, ska, afro and avantpop sounds that are bound to make you sweat your night away, especially since the club is no bigger than Roseanne Barr’s walk-in wardrobe.