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Geeks behind the Iron Curtain: Yugoslav tech-socialism and the imaginary future

Geeks cover image

Kristian Benic’s book digs out an impressive bulk of geeky stories not just about Commodores and Spectrums, but the Socialist Federal Republic’s very own futuristic endeavours While the Soviets were preoccupied with expanding their nuclear arsenal and launching dogs into

Vuk Cosic: the origins of net.art

Vuk Cosic - Eisenstein

Back in 1994, when the Internet was still young and most people were struggling to grasp what it even was, the net.art movement was born “Net.art”, a term widely attributed to Belgrade-born artist Vuk Cosic, refers to a group of

Galaksija, cult Yugoslav DIY computer from the 1980s lives on

Galaksija computer

Why are today’s hackers and tech enthusiasts interested in a little build-it-yourself computer from socialist Yugoslavia? The Galaksija’s unexpected success in 1983 sparked a minor computer revolution, and its influence on the region’s personal computer culture is still evident today

Origins of computer art: New Tendencies movement

Surf Ill by Jean-Claude Halgand

Did you know that fifty years ago, Yugoslavia was at the forefront of computer-based art? Back in the day, it was a novel idea Beginning in 1961, a group of artists in Zagreb began experimenting with using the computer to