Meet Bata KanKan, the most stylish football club owner in the world

"Kanye who?" Bata Kan Kan relaxing in matching armchair.

Why this ex-bodyguard and hotellier-turned-football club owner is the indisputable king of fashion, on and off the sports pitch People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but then again, those very same people say that clothes

Small change in law could mean a lot for country’s image

Police Serbia

Welcome to Serbia. Did you forget to register with the police? An article in Serbia’s Law on Foreigners (Google this, and most links you get relate to Balkan countries) still requires all foreign tourists to register with the police. A

The real Balkan prom

Bulgaria prom

Bulgarians know how to get to the point Yes, prom is that special event in your life when you celebrate the useless years you spent in high school getting drunk, cheating on maths and trying to get laid. It’s also