This is turbo folk 2.0

Ceca: turbo folk's greatest star and a vowel-firing machine

Watch the Balkan queens of trash – Ceca, Seka and JK glitched-up like never before. It’s all an art project, of course Berlin-based Macedonian artist Marija Bozinovska Jones explores the multiplicity of meanings inscribed in ex Yugoslavia’s “deadliest” cultural artefact

Top 10 bizarre turbo-folk covers of rock and pop hits

Bosnian Serb folk star Seka Aleksic: from Rihanna to Yngwie Malmsteen

The Balkan turbo-folk artists have been notorious for their fast-paced lifestyle of guns, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It doesn’t surprise their musical inspiration comes from unexpected places, including some of rock’s holiest of holies. Brace yourselves 1. Mira Škorić –

Help us understand what Indira is singing


The song you’re about to hear is probably a historic one. It’s the first attempt to try and transfer the authentic Balkan-style turbo folk emotion into French language. The only problem we have is that we cannot understand the lyrics.

One hell of a ride: thirty years of Lepa Brena

lepa_brena (1)

The biggest folk star in the Balkans turns fifty. You can’t say the ride was a dull one What would you do if you were a beautiful, twenty-something Muslim blonde in 1980s Yugoslavia, having an incredible voice and even more

Serbian guilty pleasures: who’s afraid of turbo folk?


The notorious music culture that became synonymous with Serbia’s former nationalist regime has anything but disappeared. Turbo-folk continues to play the role of both hero and villain – as Serbia’s best known ‘brand’ and a skeleton in its closet. After

Hua Hua

Hua Hua

Kafana-style boat bar with live folk music. As you’d expect from a Balkan night out, dudes inside look like racketeers and girls sway like fresh meat on display. Due to its relatively small size, it gets packed really quickly on

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The boat’s name is a word-play between “Baywatch” and Belgrade’s slang “blejanje” (in rough translation: hang around, do nothing). The sprawling two-level club features two large gardens, an indoor swimming pool, as well as basketball and volleyball courts. Just like



Like the rest of Belgrade’s turbo-folk boat clubs, Acapulco follows the same model: scarcely dressed females swirl around gangsta looking men in a night of folk mayhem. This one is Situated on the Zemun quay next to Hotel Jugoslavija, facing

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