Meet Bata KanKan, the most stylish football club owner in the world

"Kanye who?" Bata Kan Kan relaxing in matching armchair.

Why this ex-bodyguard and hotellier-turned-football club owner is the indisputable king of fashion, on and off the sports pitch People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but then again, those very same people say that clothes

Racist is as racist does

danny rose serbia

Last week’s U21 football game between Serbia and England ended with racist chants yelled by a great number of Serbian fans to black English players, spurring an internet debate on whether all Serbs are racist. The article originally featured on

Marko Račič: Yugoslav at the Austerity Games

Harder, better, faster, stronger: Marko Racic at the London Olympic games in 1948

Now at 92, the oldest Slovene Olympian recalls his first visit to London back in 1948 when he had to bring a pack of sausages with him to curb his hunger As the Olympics make their return to London in

The Bottles Test

Under the Mount Triglav: Jakov Fak at Pokljuka Nordic Training Centre, with local fans in the Slovenian national costume / Source:

How a biathlon champion outsmarted the media in both countries that own him For Jakov Fak, the actual 20 km biathlon world champion, the trail to success starts on the snowy plateaus around his hometown of Mrkopalj, Croatia. His ambitions