Radio Arts Space @Ljubljana (SLO)

Radio Cona

7-16 December 2011, oppening 7 Dec, 20h ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana (SLO) radioCona live from ŠKUC Gallery presents Radio Arts Space international exhibition of sound art and radio art works curated by seven curators. Radio Arts Space explores all the possible

Activist Robots by Oblak and Novak


Slovenian art duo Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak presenting their new work Activists, completed during a residency at the OCAT in Shenzhen, China. Activists are mobile robots that occupy spaces and perform different actions, stepping up for a better society.

Kino Siska

Kino Siska

Comprised of four complementary spaces, Kino Šiška is a large high-tech centre for “urban culture” located in the Šiška area of Ljubljana. Striving to fill the niche between mainstream and underground venues (such as Tovarna Rog and clubs of Metelkova

KUD France Preseren

Kud France Presern

Established way back in 1919 and named after the legendary Slovenian poet, KUD France Prešeren is a community association and multidisciplinary cultural venue based in the Trnovo area of Ljubljana. Kud, as the locals call it, houses a small café,

Krasni Novi Novi Val

Krasni Novi Novi val

This loose collective of Slovenian filmmakers is a real breath of fresh air in a country where film is usually associated with bad acting, bad storylines and general dreariness. They specialize in no budget shorts which they showcase to the

Menza pri koritu

Menza pri koritu

What makes this place so special is its programme which is stunningly diverse even for Metelkova City’s standards. There are weekly gigs for the jazz crowd here, but these de facto regulars often make way for metalheads, rockabillies, rappers and

Lollobrigida @Medvode (SLO)

Lollobrigida 3

November 25 (21-03h), Mladinski center JEDRO, Medvode (SLO) Croatia’s supreme electro-punk band Lollobrigida plays Slovenia. Expect a lot of glitz, trash, kitch, pop and some futurised boogie woogie in an all night dance craze. Tickets: 5 EUR / 7 USD


Orto bar

Catering to the music tastes of Ljubljana’s more rockish crowds, the two-floor Orto is a rather capacious club, embellished with Pulp Fictionesque red velvet and huge stainless steel vent turbines. It hosts a mash of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, hard rock, heavy

Gala Hala

Photo by Eva Taucar

Occasionally accused of leaning towards the mainstream by alternative die-hards, Gala Hala is arguably the busiest concert venue of the Metelkova City autonomous cultural zone. It’s comprised of a club for 350 people and an outdoor Summer Stage garden in



Although he’s just as clever a wordsmith as Sage Francis and Aesop Rock are, we would be doing a disservice to Miha Blažič by merely paralleling him with relatively conventional rappers. Why? Because N’toko’s undeniably legit spitting skills (which include