This is Balkan: Snippets of Serbia

In Serbia, it's all about Putin and the full metal jacket. © Emma Fick 2014

I was first drawn to Serbia solely because I wanted to trace my family history. However, I quickly found a people, history and landscape so vibrant and nuanced that they beckoned me closer and then pulled me in so tight

Kiseli Kupus: the Balkan hardcore pickle guide

Illustration by Blanka Boskov

Praised for its gastronomical and allegedly healing qualities, the famous Balkan dish is simultaneously seasonal, historic, local and of course, even a bit macho Anybody who has been to the United States recently (or watched the Portlandia skit making fun

The confluence of the Diff and the Danube: a Welsh-Serbian wedding

Photo: Jelena Pesic

‘The wild dark Balkans might enthral orientalist romantics but that prescription was never correct, Belgrade for me is one of the best European cities, as placed and transient as any other’ ‘Belgrade…because I love it’ says the map they give

Racist is as racist does

danny rose serbia

Last week’s U21 football game between Serbia and England ended with racist chants yelled by a great number of Serbian fans to black English players, spurring an internet debate on whether all Serbs are racist. The article originally featured on

Kafana, one of the top 101 places to eat on Earth


Manhattan’s lone Serbian restaurant is a perpetual dinner party and you’ll all invited One of the recent Newsweek issues published a list of 101 best places to eat all over the planet, compiled by a number of famous chefs. Among

Small change in law could mean a lot for country’s image

Police Serbia

Welcome to Serbia. Did you forget to register with the police? An article in Serbia’s Law on Foreigners (Google this, and most links you get relate to Balkan countries) still requires all foreign tourists to register with the police. A

Mikser Festival 2012

Mikser project_moe

Mikser 2012 is running from May 25 to June 2 at a new location, in an exciting but neglected quarter of central Belgrade – Savamala, whose revitalization is the central topic of this year’s festival As part of the strategy

NOVA ISKRA: Designers Lab Open Call

Photo: Luka Knezevic Strika

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA (Belgrade, Serbia) invites applicants from the area of design (22 to 35 years old), active in the domains of industrial and furniture design, interior design, architecture (with special focus on furniture design and home accessorize) to

Occupying the barracks: make art, not war

Drustveni Centar Novi Sad - occupying the barracks

When former socialist military spaces become new temples of alternative culture, not everyone is happy about it. Whereas in Slovakia the art squatters become institutionalized, in Serbia they get evicted All across former Yugoslavia, military property owned by the Yugoslav

The Magnificent Seven @Belgrade (SER)


Another magnificent selection for Belgrade’s 7-only documentary film festival, including new work by Gary Tarn and an insight into the intimate life of Nobel laureate José Saramago The 8th edition of European Feature Documentary Film Festival – The Magnificent Seven