You must have heard about Romanian techno by now?

Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

*Via Techno is not big in London nowadays, certainly not as some bass-related derivatives but the genre still holds a devoted base of followers. Resonating in resident foreign cultures (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Belgian) the community experience here

Keep calm and move to Romania: British ad campaign backfires despite Government efforts

Romanian answer to UK negative campaign in Romania

The UK government’s recently proposed strategy to discourage a new influx of eastern European immigrants has made some Romanians respond with a counter-attack, prompting a diplomatic row between the two countries In one of the latest attempts to make the

Lucia: Faith in Romanian pop – restored


If she had participated in a Romania’s Got Talent show she would’ve left all home-sitting moms with a deep sigh in their hearts. But she’s not that kind of girl Let’s get this straight: Romanian pop music sucks. And it

Origami Sound, Romania’s musical revolution

Origami Sound

You’d better watch out. Some of the world’s best chapters concerning the future of music starts unfolding in Bucharest The Romanian electronic scene has been responsible for quite a few surprises in the past years, whether you’re thinking of the

Eastern European cities have the fastest Internet

Fiber optic tips

Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Latvian cities are leading the way in Europe’s broadband speed, according to research conducted by Pando Networks. London lags behind and Paris barely makes it to the top 20. The only Western European cities in the