Megadeth Isn’t Done: 2015 Album On The Way

With the heavy metal genre having long enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the Balkans and Eastern Eurpope, Megadeth is one iconic group that still has a following in the region The band famously toured through some countries in

The Bambi Molesters

Photo © Sasha Belopolanski

When thinking of Croatia the first thing that comes to mind is probably its magnificent Adriatic coast. And where there’s beautiful beaches… surf’s up! Although rather far from the sea, Sisak’s The Bambi Molester’s obviously know how to surf with

Tough Guys of America

Tough Guys of America

If by any chance you came across Belgrade’s alternative music scene of the past decade, it’s unlikely you never heard any of bands these boys played. Names like 36 Daggers, Plus Life, Spitliver, Cut Self Not, While, Threesome would probably

Ludovik Material

Ludovik Material

Merely a year has passed since their first couple of demo recordings but Ludovik Material already have an extensive local tour, a short European tour, and an a full-length release under their belt. Drawing on (post)punk, trip-hop, trance, electro, noise

Crni Pek: anthology of experimental and outsider music in 1990s Serbia

crni pek

The 20-track compilation features rare and undiscovered underground gems from the troublesome 90s. Somewhere between noise, post-punk and borderline insanity, they sound fresh as ever. Free download for your listening pleasure If you’ve ever been turned on by the sound

Interview: Repetitor, not like in the news

Repetitor playing Secret Lounge, Pristina (Kosovo). Photo by Luka Knezevic Strika

Serbia’s most exciting rock band takes a trip to the holy land. Playing three gigs in Kosovo, Repetitor bridge the gap between the two countries, at least for a moment, speaking the universal language of punk When Serbian band Repetitor



Niko Novak and Bruno Subiotto, two wily vets of the Slovenian rock ‘n’ roll scene, formed Incurabili in 2009. It didn’t take long for people to notice that these guys were for real. One just can’t resist some good old

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Boris @ Mocvara, Zagreb (CRO)


Playing Croatia for the first time, the Japanese avant-punk band Boris covers a range of offbeat styles, from drone, sludge, noise rock, heavy metal, to psychedelia and pop. They have released 17 studio albums (including such acclaimed works as Pink,


photo by Stanislav Milojkovic

If you thought Belgrade’s short on punk rocking bands with skinny guitar playing frontmen backed by all-girl rhythm sections, think twice. Meet Repetitor, the explosive young trio in the limelight of the recent Balkans rock revival scene. After winning the

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Petrol_by Stanislav Milojkovic

Full bio coming soon.

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