Glej, Kurba photo

What happens when a poster for a theatre play is accidentally placed next to an image of politician running for mayor? Art should criticize and reflect, art should create new pathways for thinking and generate ideas for questions that should

Cool Balkania? Nation branding and the rest of Europe

Nation Branding Cool Balkania

In case you haven’t seen the latest EU promo video about Southeastern Europe, it’s trying to tell you we are all different and one and the same. Really? The only problem with this enlightening video is that it doesn’t exactly

Welcome to the desert of transition

Croatia, on the road to the EU / Photo: Tanjug

Post-Socialism, the European Union, and a New Left in the Balkans In a recent article published in Monthly Review, Croatian authors Srecko Horvat and Igor Stiks discuss the uneasy relationship between EU and the post-socialist Balkan countries in the light

Bojana Radulovic: Illegal Performance (Amsterdam)

Bojana Radulovic

Does multiculturalism present a failed experiment of pseudo-democracy, or it is still a realistic option? What are the costs of the adaptation to new socio-economic and cultural contexts? Young Montenegrin visual artist Bojana Radulovic raised these questions in her “illegal

A piece of history: Nazi propaganda posters in Serbia during World War II

nazi propaganda featured image

No Photoshop, no Illustrator, just plain ol’ hand-painted Nazi advertising. Though obviously not as cool as the Soviet One of the issues the Nazi authorities faced with the local population during four years in occupied Belgrade (1941-1945) was how to

Serbian guilty pleasures: who’s afraid of turbo folk?


The notorious music culture that became synonymous with Serbia’s former nationalist regime has anything but disappeared. Turbo-folk continues to play the role of both hero and villain – as Serbia’s best known ‘brand’ and a skeleton in its closet. After