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Welcome to the desert of transition

Croatia, on the road to the EU / Photo: Tanjug

Post-Socialism, the European Union, and a New Left in the Balkans In a recent article published in Monthly Review, Croatian authors Srecko Horvat and Igor Stiks discuss the uneasy relationship between EU and the post-socialist Balkan countries in the light

‘Euro Neuro’ by Rambo Amadeus is Montenegro’s entry for Eurovision 2012

Rambo Amadeus

“Euro Neuro don’t be sceptic / Hermetic, pathetic, analphabetic / Forget all cosmetic, you need new poetic / Aesthetic, ecletic, dialectic” Rambo Amadeus is one of the most important figures of the Serbian-Montenegrin alternative music scene of the 1990s. He’s

Interview: Bricka, the Eastern European immigrant rapper


Your worst nightmares about Eastern Europeans are about to come true. On YouTube, at least London-based comedian of Serbian origin David Vujanic has become an underground hit on YouTube with his character “Bricka”, a parody of an Eastern European migrant

One Minute – Around the world in 60 seconds

One Minute - Around the World in 60 Seconds / Illustration: Valentina Brostean

The book entitled One Minute – Around the World in 60 Seconds, written by acclaimed Serbian author Vladimir Arsenijević and illustrated by Valentina Broštean, consists of 25 fragments/stories set within one single minute of time (January 20, 2010, from 12:00

Lucia: Faith in Romanian pop – restored


If she had participated in a Romania’s Got Talent show she would’ve left all home-sitting moms with a deep sigh in their hearts. But she’s not that kind of girl Let’s get this straight: Romanian pop music sucks. And it

Top 10 bizarre turbo-folk covers of rock and pop hits

Bosnian Serb folk star Seka Aleksic: from Rihanna to Yngwie Malmsteen

The Balkan turbo-folk artists have been notorious for their fast-paced lifestyle of guns, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It doesn’t surprise their musical inspiration comes from unexpected places, including some of rock’s holiest of holies. Brace yourselves 1. Mira Škorić –

The good sides of anti-Serb propaganda

The Serbian side of Mitrovica, Kosovo / Photo © Matt Lutton

With the Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey came also criticism from Serbia that the movie is “anti-Serbian” and that it will further damage Serbia’s reputation in the world. After the Serbs concluded the film

Bojana Radulovic: Illegal Performance (Amsterdam)

Bojana Radulovic

Does multiculturalism present a failed experiment of pseudo-democracy, or it is still a realistic option? What are the costs of the adaptation to new socio-economic and cultural contexts? Young Montenegrin visual artist Bojana Radulovic raised these questions in her “illegal

“Heartless” by Nina Bunjevac

Nina Bunjevac Heartless

Debut collection of comics by the amazing Nina Bunjevac is due in fall 2012, with an advance preview in May 2012 at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival). In case you’re nearby, make sure you pop in to get your copy

Urban skiing all over Balkans

photo by Lejla Huremović

Winters in the Balkans are usually filled with snow, but not everywhere in the same measure – usually it’s the mountains that get the heftiest portion of the white powder. This year is different, however, because it was probably the