Serbian ambient electronica dedicated to HR Giger

HR Giger ambient album putopisi serbia

Eerie noises, unearthly radio frequencies and an occasional synthetic kick drum paying respect to the late biomechanic surrealist The eponymous album by the Serbian sound artist Putopisi, released on May 12, 2015, is dedicated to the late Swiss painter, sculptor

Crni Pek: anthology of experimental and outsider music in 1990s Serbia

crni pek

The 20-track compilation features rare and undiscovered underground gems from the troublesome 90s. Somewhere between noise, post-punk and borderline insanity, they sound fresh as ever. Free download for your listening pleasure If you’ve ever been turned on by the sound

Boris @ Mocvara, Zagreb (CRO)


Playing Croatia for the first time, the Japanese avant-punk band Boris covers a range of offbeat styles, from drone, sludge, noise rock, heavy metal, to psychedelia and pop. They have released 17 studio albums (including such acclaimed works as Pink,



Accompanied by clicks and blips of random mobile devices, Woo plays multiple-layered ambient sounds on his electric guitar, as the winds of Americana stroll through the locks of his hair, sending him deep into the Mojave desert… Yes, it’s sunrise,



Lukatoyboy, a.k.a Luka Ivanović is a musician, sound designer, journalist and radio editor from Belgrade. His main sound/music activities include producing & performing electro-acoustic improvised music using real-time sampling, feedback, field recordings and small iPod FM transmitters. On the other