neki stranac

Bturn VIP terrace at EXIT Festival

Bturn at EXIT

An exclusive one-off selection of Balkan producers and DJs on the Bturn VIP terrace at this year’s EXIT Festival. Chill out and fire up with some of the boldest beats on the fortress: Brickwall Brigade, The Good Guys, Neki Stranac,

Bturn #005 podcast: Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac is no stranger to Bturn. After delivering the brilliant Short journey through Balkan psychedelic folk music, he’s once again right on the ball, rolling us an exclusive moombahton mix made solely of his own edits. In the beginning,

Ones to Watch 2012: Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac

We bring you a selection of Balkan-related artists to keep your eye on this year In his own words, Neki Stranac was imagined as a Robin Hood of modern music – stealing tracks from famous artists, transforming them and giving

A short journey through psychedelic Balkan folk music

Rooster eye, photo by Cecil Williams

We’ve asked Milan Djuric from Shazalakazoo to compile us a YouTube playlist of lesser-known folk music from the Balkans. As expected, the result is a stunning 10 track collection of sheer musical madness, ranging from Macedonian Gypsy bands, through Albanian