metelkova city

Metelkova: eighteen years of utopian freedom in a city within a city

Metelkova city

Copenhagen has Christiania, Berlin has Tacheles and Ljubljana has Metelkova City, its very own autonomous cultural center and a positively wondrous place Metelkova is situated in the former barracks of Yugoslav People’s Army which were left abandoned after Slovenia became

Menza pri koritu

Menza pri koritu

What makes this place so special is its programme which is stunningly diverse even for Metelkova City’s standards. There are weekly gigs for the jazz crowd here, but these de facto regulars often make way for metalheads, rockabillies, rappers and



Occupying the central position in Metelkova City with its pointy-roof open-air Schengen Kitchen, Klub Gromka and the wittily named Square With No Historical Memory in front of it are probably the  most emblematic places of this club-filled area of Ljubljana.