McDonald’s in the Balkans: a brief history

Kosovo: a DIY McDonald's

From a source of national pride to a symbol of US imperialism, the American fast food chain has left its mark in the Balkans In March of 1988, Belgrade, Yugoslavia became the first city in the communist world to open

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Peace Mac: McDonald’s in Sarajevo


Big Mac is alright, but we still prefer the Bosnian cevapi On Tuesday 19 July 2011, after nearly ten years of negotiation, the first McDonald’s opened in Sarajevo. The celebration was lead by the Bosnian Chairman of Presidency Zeljko Komsic

Moving with the times: Soviet Army monument goes Marvel

Bulgarian Soviet Army Monument_Marvel

The Soviet army memorial in Sofia, Bulgaria, recently got a colorful makeover by an unknown graffiti artist, causing the Russian embassy to protest because of an “outrageous act of vandalism”. A nifty gesture to round up the whole postcommunism dilemma,