This is Balkan: Snippets of Serbia

In Serbia, it's all about Putin and the full metal jacket. © Emma Fick 2014

I was first drawn to Serbia solely because I wanted to trace my family history. However, I quickly found a people, history and landscape so vibrant and nuanced that they beckoned me closer and then pulled me in so tight

Whore’s Glory: Interview with Michael Glawogger

whore's glory

One of the most exciting documentary filmmakers today speaks about his creative process when dealing with delicate human issues in a world one rarely has access to The city of Belgrade has recently hosted the film director and cinematographer Michael

Interview: Dimitar Dodovski, fresh from Macedonia

Dimitar Dodovski

With the Macedonian music scene dominated by uninspired rock bands, there are few artists out there who can claim their own original take on contemporary electronic sound. Dimitar Dodovski is Macedonia’s most exciting techno producer at the moment. Our editor

Occupying the barracks: make art, not war

Drustveni Centar Novi Sad - occupying the barracks

When former socialist military spaces become new temples of alternative culture, not everyone is happy about it. Whereas in Slovakia the art squatters become institutionalized, in Serbia they get evicted All across former Yugoslavia, military property owned by the Yugoslav

Museum of Broken Relationships

museum of broken relationships

If you still have your ex’s stuff sitting somewhere in your apartment, you may want to donate it to the world’s only museum of broken relationships, in Zagreb, Croatia The end of an emotional relationship between two lovers is usually

Houston, do we have a hoax?

Tito in space

Interview with Žiga Virc, creator of “Houston, We Have a Problem!” trailer for his alleged documentary on socialist Yugoslavia’s secret space program supposedly sold to the US in 1961 Posted on YouTube and picked up by numerous social network users,

Interview: Repetitor, not like in the news

Repetitor playing Secret Lounge, Pristina (Kosovo). Photo by Luka Knezevic Strika

Serbia’s most exciting rock band takes a trip to the holy land. Playing three gigs in Kosovo, Repetitor bridge the gap between the two countries, at least for a moment, speaking the universal language of punk When Serbian band Repetitor

Serbian techno connection: from Belgrade to New York


Belgrade’s PART collective brings fresh air to the NYC club scene. And they got Matthew Dear to play their New Year’s Eve party “It’s been done before”, say used-to-be-clubbers and aging hipsters who spent the 90’s in techno and house

Metelkova: eighteen years of utopian freedom in a city within a city

Metelkova city

Copenhagen has Christiania, Berlin has Tacheles and Ljubljana has Metelkova City, its very own autonomous cultural center and a positively wondrous place Metelkova is situated in the former barracks of Yugoslav People’s Army which were left abandoned after Slovenia became

Punk museum in Ljubljana: a potential home for your precious collection of spit?

Pankrti, once hailed as "the first punk band behind the Iron Curtain", live in Ljubljana 1979. Photo © Vojko Flegar

Three weeks ago, Slovenia’s long-awaited Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM) finally opened its door to the public. Among MSUM’s most interesting plans for the future is a museum within a museum, a special space termed the Punk Room a.k.a