Zero Recycled: the Marshal and the urban hippie from the streets of Skopje

Aleksandar Stankovski

The multimedia artist Aleksandar Stankovski sets up the criteria on the local Macedonian cultural scene corresponding to those of Peter Greenaway, Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, maybe even of Kenneth Anger Besides being one of the most renowned and outstanding Macedonian

Andreas HZ

andreas hz

Playing monthly residencies at various clubs in Skopje, Macedonia, DJ/producer and radio show host Andreas Hz has crafted a masterful live act by blending together his diverse production portfolio of techno, dubstep and electronica to form a sophisticated dancefloor experience.


DSPH's "Contrast  Trauma", first version. Performed on Kanal103's 20th birthday in Skopje. Number of epileptic seizures occurred during the performance: 0

Disphilharmonia (or “DSPH”) is an experimental laptop quartet from Macedonia. While their live audio/visual work is mostly improvised, it typically retains a recognizable structure, whether conceptual or aesthetic, with each performance taking new form. Their audio work revolves around the

Interview: Dimitar Dodovski, fresh from Macedonia

Dimitar Dodovski

With the Macedonian music scene dominated by uninspired rock bands, there are few artists out there who can claim their own original take on contemporary electronic sound. Dimitar Dodovski is Macedonia’s most exciting techno producer at the moment. Our editor

Festival of World Music @Bitola (MKD)

Macedonia World Music Festival plakat

December 3 (20h), Center for culture, Bitola (Macedonia) featuring: Marla Blumenblatt (Austria/Macedonia) Yolla Khalife (Lebanon) Ibrahim Metin Ugur (Turkey) The young gang soaked into the rather mainstream Center for Culture in Bitola turned the ethno-centric vision of the conservative establishment

Bizarre Balkan Universities: Part Two

hate mail

University of Graz professor who made a list of bizarre Balkan universities has received some bizarre mail in his inbox Couple of weeks a go, in September, we posted a list of bizarre Balkan universities by professor Florian Bieber from