CTM.13 – Marcell Mars, The Golden Age Interview

Marcell Mars at HAU2, Berlin CTM.13

We met the Croatian internet activist and researcher Marcell Mars for a prolonged chat about the future of internet, The One Million Books project and the upcoming collapse and uprising of everything Marcell Mars (CRO) is an internet activist and

Gramatik, the Slovenian file sharing hero

Gramatik 2

The Slovenian-born music producer’s global popularity is only rivaled by his commitment to global freedom of information. And yes, he’ll let you rip his latest release Most of you are probably not aware of it, but Pirate Bay regularly pepper

Sharing my password with the world? Sure!

Password tmia

The Slovenian TMIA collective invites you to give away your password to a public online gallery. Apparently, it’s all about privacy and trust What will it take to put your online accounts’ passwords out in the open? Would you have

Eastern European cities have the fastest Internet

Fiber optic tips

Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Latvian cities are leading the way in Europe’s broadband speed, according to research conducted by Pando Networks. London lags behind and Paris barely makes it to the top 20. The only Western European cities in the