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Gramatik, the Slovenian file sharing hero

Gramatik 2

The Slovenian-born music producer’s global popularity is only rivaled by his commitment to global freedom of information. And yes, he’ll let you rip his latest release Most of you are probably not aware of it, but Pirate Bay regularly pepper

Interview: Bricka, the Eastern European immigrant rapper


Your worst nightmares about Eastern Europeans are about to come true. On YouTube, at least London-based comedian of Serbian origin David Vujanic has become an underground hit on YouTube with his character “Bricka”, a parody of an Eastern European migrant

Origami Sound, Romania’s musical revolution

Origami Sound

You’d better watch out. Some of the world’s best chapters concerning the future of music starts unfolding in Bucharest The Romanian electronic scene has been responsible for quite a few surprises in the past years, whether you’re thinking of the

Duboka Ilegala

Duboka Ilegala

Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) claim to be the founders of “trash-hop”, a mixture of live played trip hop and references to Serbian trash/turbo-folk culture. It is a nebulous love affair that somehow makes perfect sense. Duboka Ilegala creates a powerful



Although he’s just as clever a wordsmith as Sage Francis and Aesop Rock are, we would be doing a disservice to Miha Blažič by merely paralleling him with relatively conventional rappers. Why? Because N’toko’s undeniably legit spitting skills (which include



One of the most talented young Serbian producers, Luka Papic a.k.a MangulicaFM feels comfortable in the sound of contemporary indie electronics that’s based in dub and instrumental hip hop. Mangulica filters these two through a palette of local ethnic melodies,

Keep that bass rolling: Rimming Show is on

Rimming Show

Sweaty, fast-paced beats in various incarnations of bass music and all things body moving, via Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia. Currently running on Exit Festival’s Elektrana stage radio. Online every monday from 21h CET. Hosted by Ana, Jung B, Felony

Novo Doba & Eastern Daze @Pancevo (SRB)

Novo Doba_Eastern Daze

September 15 2011 (20h-03h) at Dom Omladine, Pancevo (SRB), featuring Mangulica FM, Rap Cats and Zmikeo! Easterndaze is an initiative that aims to explore and promote young and up-and-coming musicians from Central and Eastern Europe. Together with Novo Doba festival

Felony Flats

Felony Flats

This kid sure knows how to get the booties shaking. The hipster crowd’s all favorite Felony Flats is the new breed of the Eastern European ground, raised on a multiplicity of music genres, from black metal to nu rave to

Rap Cat$

Rap Cats

Instrumental hip hop act from Belgrade, messing around with synths and beats. No actual rappin’ involved, no official releases, very few live gigs – we just think the cats are cool. When not playing music, they are doing tattoos and

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