Serbinale: Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, Berlin, 29. August – 1. September 2013

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During the four-day festival, German audience will get to see the best of new Serbian art and cultural production outside the usual Balkan cliches According to the festival organisers, “Serbinale is based on a conviction that the trigger for social,

Halloween edition: an incomplete guide to Serbian horror

Leptirica (1973), Goran Markovic's classic

Just in time for Halloween, we watched some of the best and worst horror movies from Serbia and Yugoslavia so you wouldn’t have to. From cult 1970s vampire classics to full-frontal contemporary gorno, we submitted ourselves to a variety of

Zero Recycled: the Marshal and the urban hippie from the streets of Skopje

Aleksandar Stankovski

The multimedia artist Aleksandar Stankovski sets up the criteria on the local Macedonian cultural scene corresponding to those of Peter Greenaway, Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, maybe even of Kenneth Anger Besides being one of the most renowned and outstanding Macedonian

Village without women

Village without women

Three brothers are the only inhabitants left in a remote Serbian village of Zabrdje. The brothers never got married and the only way to save their decaying birthplace from dying out is to find a woman. The director Srdjan Sarenac

All-star lineup of film directors lecturing at a Croatian postgraduate school

Aki Kaurismaki: He'll probably let you smoke in class

If you enroll in this special 3-year master course at the University of Split, you will be taught by Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant, Aki Kaurismaki, Carlos Reygadas and Atom Egoyan. Tilda Swinton will be around, too We still can’t

The Magnificent Seven @Belgrade (SER)


Another magnificent selection for Belgrade’s 7-only documentary film festival, including new work by Gary Tarn and an insight into the intimate life of Nobel laureate José Saramago The 8th edition of European Feature Documentary Film Festival – The Magnificent Seven

Krasni Novi Novi Val

Krasni Novi Novi val

This loose collective of Slovenian filmmakers is a real breath of fresh air in a country where film is usually associated with bad acting, bad storylines and general dreariness. They specialize in no budget shorts which they showcase to the

Tilva Ros nominated for best European debut film

Tilva Ros

Serbian teenage drama Tilva Ros by Nikola Lezaic has been nominated for the EFA Discovery Award 2011. The award is presented annually as part of the European Film Awards to a young and upcoming director for a first full-length feature

Maja Milos

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Maja likes pushing boundaries. The charismatic young director gained praise already as a student, with her short film Si tu t’imagine (2004), a tale of longing for love and passion hidden behind a sex trafficking episode. Her first full-length feature

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Ivan Ikic

Ivan Ikic

Graduated in Film and TV Directing at Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama as the best student in his generation, Ikic (1982) has directed several documentaries, short fiction and commercial films. His documentary road-movie Tarot Serbia (2009) follows a popular Serbian tele-psychic

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