Serbian ambient electronica dedicated to HR Giger

HR Giger ambient album putopisi serbia

Eerie noises, unearthly radio frequencies and an occasional synthetic kick drum paying respect to the late biomechanic surrealist The eponymous album by the Serbian sound artist Putopisi, released on May 12, 2015, is dedicated to the late Swiss painter, sculptor

Twenty-one microconcerts for twenty-one elevators

Lukatoyboy 21 concerts 21 elevators

Not that you really care, but today is World Music Day. Two years a go, on June 21, we followed the Serbian sound artist Lukatoyboy performing his 21 microconcerts for 21 elevators in Belgrade, including a municipality, a hotel, a

Interview: Elisabeth Penker

ELisabeth Penker

The acclaimed Austrian artist speaks about the art world, the relationship between language and visuals and her own “microphoned” floor surface instrument Elisabeth Penker loves good food, having fun, managing to be a mother and connecting people, but when it

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Eastern Daze Vol. 2: Judgment Day

Eastern Daze Vol 2

A year and a half after its debut compilation of Eastern European music, Eastern Daze is back with another brilliant selection of contemporary sounds from the region In their own words, “it’s hard to define the sound of the new

Lenhart Tapes

Lenhart Tapes

One guy, 4 walkmans. Goat and sheep dialogues, muslim chanting, noise rock loops, e-bow instructions, turbo-folk anthems, language lessons, satanist rituals, heavy metal guitar for beginners… Probably the biggest cassette digger among Slovakian people in this part of Eastern Europe.



BICIKL was formed in Belgrade, Serbia, in autumn of 2008. Two immigrants from Lithuania started the band with the idea to promote old Lithuanian pagan traditions and gather in one place other Lithuanians that live in Serbia but respect pagan

Amplidyne Effect

Amplidyne Effect

Experimenting with the different sounds of guitar, synths and field recordings, Macedonian producer Martin Georgievski a.k.a Amplidyne Effect creates an interpolation of ambient, experimental and electronic music, ranging from subtle drones to noise-rock. The project’s main themes are nature and


DSPH's "Contrast  Trauma", first version. Performed on Kanal103's 20th birthday in Skopje. Number of epileptic seizures occurred during the performance: 0

Disphilharmonia (or “DSPH”) is an experimental laptop quartet from Macedonia. While their live audio/visual work is mostly improvised, it typically retains a recognizable structure, whether conceptual or aesthetic, with each performance taking new form. Their audio work revolves around the

ANBB live at Resonate festival (Belgrade, Serbia)


Alva Noto a.k.a Carsten Nicolai, one of the most important audio-visual artists today, joins Blixa Bargeld, the frontman of the legendary German experimental-industrial band Einsturzende Neubauten for a performance at Belgrade’s Resonate media festival Nicolai and Bargeld had been contemplating



One of the most talented young Serbian producers, Luka Papic a.k.a MangulicaFM feels comfortable in the sound of contemporary indie electronics that’s based in dub and instrumental hip hop. Mangulica filters these two through a palette of local ethnic melodies,