The ultimate guide to buffoon philosophers

philosophers zizek

If everybody says Slavoj Zizek is a buffoon, what about the rest of the gang? Here’s the enlightening Bturn guide to buffoon philosophers It has become a standard practice among many scholars nowadays to take the piss out of old

Mr Panos speaks out: the roots of the Greek financial crisis


Hello Germany, Mr Panos delivers his message from the Hellenic people all over the world: the Greeks have been playing a trick on you from the beginning Check out the rest of Mr Panos’ comments on his video blog.

Hey politician, what’s so funny?

Kamerades politician 7

The documentary photo collective Kamerades have put together a little photo collection of Serbian politicians laughing their asses off, despite failing to form a government a month and a half after the May elections, plunging the country deeper in recession

Whitefaces and Augustes: Albanian politicians laughing their asses off, but nothing is funny

Albanian politicians 5

Albanian politicians survive election after election, only because of their sense of humour: with the country’s natural resources deteriorating every day, buffoon trials that fail to deliver criminal high officials to justice, political games that only serve the interest of

Interview: Bricka, the Eastern European immigrant rapper


Your worst nightmares about Eastern Europeans are about to come true. On YouTube, at least London-based comedian of Serbian origin David Vujanic has become an underground hit on YouTube with his character “Bricka”, a parody of an Eastern European migrant

Watch out, it’s the Angry Serbian!

Angry Serbian

For a moment we thought this guy was just another nationalist dickhead talking to himself on YouTube, but it turned out he just may be a kind of homemade Serbian Borat In a weekly videolog on his YouTube channel, a

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