Keep calm and move to Romania: British ad campaign backfires despite Government efforts

Romanian answer to UK negative campaign in Romania

The UK government’s recently proposed strategy to discourage a new influx of eastern European immigrants has made some Romanians respond with a counter-attack, prompting a diplomatic row between the two countries In one of the latest attempts to make the

Provocation or sexploitation?

Models 12 magazine editorial

The controversial Bulgarian fashion editorial featuring images of beaten and disfigured models caused an outpour of contempt across the Internet. Is it ‘art’ or mere sexploitation? Titled ‘Victim of Beauty’, the editorial of Bulgarian 12 Magazine features models with facial

The real Balkan prom

Bulgaria prom

Bulgarians know how to get to the point Yes, prom is that special event in your life when you celebrate the useless years you spent in high school getting drunk, cheating on maths and trying to get laid. It’s also

Bike lanes in Bulgaria: only for professionals


We’re not sure if these are for real or just street art, but it seems you have to be a pro if you want to cycle in Bulgaria

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Eastern European cities have the fastest Internet

Fiber optic tips

Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Latvian cities are leading the way in Europe’s broadband speed, according to research conducted by Pando Networks. London lags behind and Paris barely makes it to the top 20. The only Western European cities in the

Lady Diana and Monica Lewinsky chocolate bars

Lady Diana Monica Lewinsky

Only in Bulgaria.

“La Boheme” by 1000names (Svetlana Industries)


Video for ‘La Boheme’ from Svetlana Industries’ latest vinyl release The Machine City by Bulgarian beatmaking duo 1000names. A brilliant piece of Krafwerkesque machine pop, filtered through a low res CDR instructional video/love story that captures an eery feel of

Moving with the times: Soviet Army monument goes Marvel

Bulgarian Soviet Army Monument_Marvel

The Soviet army memorial in Sofia, Bulgaria, recently got a colorful makeover by an unknown graffiti artist, causing the Russian embassy to protest because of an “outrageous act of vandalism”. A nifty gesture to round up the whole postcommunism dilemma,