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Interview: Djordje Stijepovic, Fishtank Ensemble

Photo © Jason Savy

He is probably one of the best slap-bass players around. From jamming with street musicians on the pavements of New Orleans to trading licks with Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats and Lemmy of Motorhead, he has performed and toured

Ones to Watch 2012: Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac

We bring you a selection of Balkan-related artists to keep your eye on this year In his own words, Neki Stranac was imagined as a Robin Hood of modern music – stealing tracks from famous artists, transforming them and giving

Top 10 bizarre turbo-folk covers of rock and pop hits

Bosnian Serb folk star Seka Aleksic: from Rihanna to Yngwie Malmsteen

The Balkan turbo-folk artists have been notorious for their fast-paced lifestyle of guns, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It doesn’t surprise their musical inspiration comes from unexpected places, including some of rock’s holiest of holies. Brace yourselves 1. Mira Škorić –

One hell of a ride: thirty years of Lepa Brena

lepa_brena (1)

The biggest folk star in the Balkans turns fifty. You can’t say the ride was a dull one What would you do if you were a beautiful, twenty-something Muslim blonde in 1980s Yugoslavia, having an incredible voice and even more

A short journey through psychedelic Balkan folk music

Rooster eye, photo by Cecil Williams

We’ve asked Milan Djuric from Shazalakazoo to compile us a YouTube playlist of lesser-known folk music from the Balkans. As expected, the result is a stunning 10 track collection of sheer musical madness, ranging from Macedonian Gypsy bands, through Albanian