This is Balkan: Snippets of Serbia

In Serbia, it's all about Putin and the full metal jacket. © Emma Fick 2014

I was first drawn to Serbia solely because I wanted to trace my family history. However, I quickly found a people, history and landscape so vibrant and nuanced that they beckoned me closer and then pulled me in so tight

A guide to the Balkan music scene in Mexico

This year we will be celebrating Dia de Muertos with a Balkan brass band / Illustration by Blanka Boskov

Mariachi influences have always played a part in Balkan pop music, but over the last decade things have reversed. Mexico City is now embracing the brass-band folk of the Balkans In February 2005, shortly after moving to Mexico City for

Sworn Virgins: Balkan women who spend their lives living as men

Photo © Jill Peters

Photographer Jill Peters has travelled to the remote mountain villages of Albania to capture the extraordinary lives of “Burnesha” – women forced to live their entire lives as men. The result is a fascinating series of portraits of some of

Balkan warriors: stars of the small screen

nedzad klicic

They got the looks, charisma and some cash lying around to produce a video. Well, at least they think so. The audience reactions are not always what they were hoping for There’s some mysterious force that makes muscled Balkan men

Cool Balkania? Nation branding and the rest of Europe

Nation Branding Cool Balkania

In case you haven’t seen the latest EU promo video about Southeastern Europe, it’s trying to tell you we are all different and one and the same. Really? The only problem with this enlightening video is that it doesn’t exactly

La Internacional Sonora Balkanera

La Internacional Sonora Balkanera

Remember our piece on the Yugoslav-Mexian music of the 1950s? Apparently, at the beginning of the Cold War, the socialist Yugoslavia had a thing for Mexican sound, with local mariachi bands spreading throughout the country, armed with sombreros and acoustic

Ones to Watch 2012: Las Balkanieras

Las Balkanieras

We bring you a selection of Balkan-related artists to keep your eye on in the coming year “You want it spicy? You want it hot? We cook so yummy yummy! Banditos hungry hungry! We make it sweet like honey!” Backed

The original hipsters: a piece of Yugoslav streetwear history

Croatian hipsters

The real hipsters started their journey in ex Yugoslavia. Welcome to 1985 Split, Croatia, the cradle of the hottest legs in the Balkans If you happen to know at least one stereotype about ex Yugoslavia it’s most likely the one

Bizarre Balkan Universities: Part Two

hate mail

University of Graz professor who made a list of bizarre Balkan universities has received some bizarre mail in his inbox Couple of weeks a go, in September, we posted a list of bizarre Balkan universities by professor Florian Bieber from

Bieber’s Top 10: List of Bizarre Balkan Universities


Professor Florian Bieber from the University of Graz has recently compiled an interesting list of rather bizarre Balkan universities, with their dubious curriculum, dodgy online presentations and sometimes ridiculous names. We cite the txt in full, originally published on Professor Bieber’s