Is it a provocation or is it Mario?

Mario Grubisic

Interview with the Austrian visual artist Mario Grubisic. When not doing video and light installations, he cries at bad French movies and drops Balkan turbo folk tunes in his DJ sets Mario Grubisic is an Austrian artist known for his

Everybody thinks Vienna is boring

Sunday Morning, SASS club, Vienna

If you don’t know the gateways, you’re not in. But if you do, welcome to hell Everybody thinks Vienna is boring. Remember, Vienna is the origin of Decadent. There is no such city like the old, Austrian capital. White, pale

Donaufestival @Krems (AUT)

CocoRosie: first weekend headliners

Apr 28 – May 05, Krems (Austria) Die Vertreibung Ins Paradies / The Expulsion Into Paradise Donaufestival focuses mainly on music but also includes theater and performance: on the first weekend CocoRosie will perform an extensive show, adapting to the

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