Sarajevo Green Design Festival @Sarajevo (B&H)

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Sep 9-17 2011
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The second edition of Sarajevo Green Design Festival continues its mission in broadening the awareness of the global environmental issues, focusing on the role that creative industry can play in solving them, along with the necessity of closer collaboration between designers and the production industry.

Thirty-five experts from all over the world will be presenting new methods for transforming the existing design, manufacture and consumption into new sustainable concepts. The thematic programmes for this year’s festival are Green Materials and Techniques, Labeling Branding and Design, Social Cohesion and Cultural Continuity, Mobility, Energy solutions, Inclusive Design, and Green Cities.

Since it’s debut in 2010, the festival has become a platform for the promotion of innovative ecology ideas, such as the first B&H electric car, presentation of the first B&H national report on climate change, first large scale green building project in Bosnia and Herzegovina “ Cultural and Sport centre in Mostar”, book presentation on B&H architecture in last 15 years, new master programs at the University of Sarajevo, promotion of eco/slow food concept, etc.

Sarajevo Green Design Festival