Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics @Berlin (GER)

6-8th April, Neurotitan Galerie, Rosenthaler Strasse 39 im Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin (GER)

Grand opening 7 PM!


If you’re not sick of it by now, this could be the right time! The Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics brings art to Berlin for only one Euro!!! Eighty (80) laser graphics by eighty (80) designers, illustrators and comic book artists, from Berlin and the Balkans, will be hanging from the walls of the Neurotitan gallery over the course of three (3) days.

The hot LaserJets will be constantly printing an unlimited amount of graphics, available to you for only 1,- Euro each. Art was never closer to (the purchasing power of) the masses! After the great success in the Third World countries, the Summit arrives at the safe grounds of Mittel Europa. The barbarians are at your doorstep… Again!

This is a unique opportunity to overconsume on the artworks… To own them, give them away as presents, or just discard them – and never look back!

International Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics – ALL YOU CAN EAT! from METAKLINIKA on Vimeo.

The Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics brings together creative people from various branches of the industry: design, illustration and visual communications. Our aim is to establish and publicly promote young designers and graphic design in general, as well as all the related media. In the four we held exhibitions so far, we presented more than 300 works of art of both well-known designers and new hopes in graphic design. This exhibition aims to establish a new concept in communication between the artists and their audience: “Widely Accessible and Cheap Artwork for All”. All the works of art are reproduced on the A4 office paper, using only standard LaserJet printers.