Festival of World Music @Bitola (MKD)

December 3 (20h),
Center for culture, Bitola (Macedonia)

Marla Blumenblatt (Austria/Macedonia)
Yolla Khalife (Lebanon)
Ibrahim Metin Ugur (Turkey)

The young gang soaked into the rather mainstream Center for Culture in Bitola turned the ethno-centric vision of the conservative establishment into a more open and pluralistic World Music event, taking over the “Ethno-Fest” whose goal was to present the affluent Macedonian ethno music, mixing tradition with contemporary trends.

Already in 2010, the concept and the program of the festival were upgraded with the idea to make a comparative analysis of world music movements. The name of the festival was changed as well, into Festival of World Music – Bitola.

This year’s third edition of the festival is a leap forward in quality, showcasing sophisticated international music through an eclectic program of multiple performances, various music genres and renowned performers from all around the world.

The festival’s first two editions included artists such as Ljubojna, Baklava, Chalgija Sound System, Ajdared and Djengis Ibrahim, while this year’s programme features Marla Blumenblatt (Austria/Macedonia), Yolla Khalife (Lebanon) and Ibrahim Metin Ugur (Turkey).