Electronic Beats Festival @Zagreb (CRO)

Oct 26, Zagreb Fair Hall 9, Zagreb (CRO)

The city of Zagreb is counting days until the second Croatian edition of Electronic Beats festival with Hot Chip (UK) and Modeselektor (DE) headlining the event.

The 9th Hall of Zagreb Fair will be transformed into a festival venue on Friday, October 26th when the whole production team behind EB festivals around Europe will bring the spirit of these visually attractive events to life.

These festivals are not only about music, but a full-on party experience, more than obvious in this video from Modeselektor’s EB live performance in Budapest last month:

Yes, that was a massive pillow fight right there. Although they don’t like to be placed in folders of any kind and therefore define their music as “happy metal/hard rap/country-ambient/Russian-crunk” Modeselektor have become one of the synonims for Berlin electronic scene of the 21st century and have built their reputation to the level of becoming Thom Yorke’s favourite band. As cool and respected as they are, they’re coming to Zagreb for the very first time to promote their latest album affair named “Monkeytown”. Needless to say, the local crowd is already going nuts anticipating this live performance.

On the more radio-friendly side of electronic music we have Hot Chip, the superheroes of electronic live performance who still bring all their instruments and studio equipment on tour. That’s exactly what makes their shows so lovable, beside the fact that you can actually sing along. They appeared in Zagreb in 2008, but never toured around the region, so we expect all their ex-Yugo fans to gather on this occasion.

Hot Chip / Photo: Steve Gullicklores

Besides these monster headliners, Electronic Beats is also presenting two international rising stars – the French youngster Woodkind and a 23 year-old Dillon, the latest signing at BPitch Control label (also home to Modeselektor). Representing Croatia – Kimiko will be a supporting live act and local DJs Pytzek and Itch will keep the crowd entertained between the concerts.

Very discretely, Electronic Beats festival has become one of the most important music events in Zagreb this year which doesn’t come as a surprise having in mind Electronic Beats’ decade-long tradition of promoting cool around Europe. The festival has become popular through their famous Viva and Viva 2 TV shows which started in 2000 and that same year saw the first EB festival being held in Cologne with Mouse on Mars headlining.

Nowadays Electronic Beats produces and distributes free print magazine, a free DVD “Slices” which is a living, evolving contemporary electronic music anthology. Electronic Beats Croatia has been active for 6 years now. An interesting fact is that Caribou has somehow connected local promoters with their festival team to make the magic happen. Not sure what the story is, but hey, thanks Caribou!

A limited number of tickets is still available in selected T Mobile stores around Croatia for the price of (approx) 15 EUR so better hurry up. Or send us an email to editorial [at] bturn.com and you can win a pair of tickets. The fastest two peeps will be the lucky ones.

*more info: electronicbeats.net