Should I Stay or Should I Go? @Belgrade (SER)

May 10, 20h,
Youth Office Info Room, Belgrade (SER)

As the organisers argue, “Should I stay or should I go is not just a famous Clash song. It’s also a dilemma that every young person in Serbia has come up to at least once.” Serbian youth is increasingly looking for employment possibilities outside of their homes, to other EU member states. A number of research has shown that over a quarter of students in Serbia want to continue their life abroad. Serbia is among the countries that have been badly hit by the process of brain drain in the past twenty years.

What policies can be applied so that the further export of labor capital can be prevented? Since mobility of work force is one of the main principles within the EU, how will brain drain affect Serbia’s accession to EU? And what effect will EU integration process have on keeping the youth at home? The debate on these and other similar issues takes place on May 10th at 20h in Info Room of Youth Office of Belgrade. The speakers are Milica Delević, head of the Serbia’s European Integration Office, director Boris Malagurski and blogger Nebojša Radović Eniac. The debate also features young journalists from the region and EU countries as guest speakers who will share their opinions on what effects the phenomenon of brain drain has on their countries’ economies.

The event is a part of “Orient Express Reporter 2” project organized by Cafebabel, a paneuropean multilingual web magazine that functions as a network of local teams throughout Europe.