Bturn presents: Actress and Redshape live @SHARE2

BTURN magazine & SHARE Conference present: ACTRESS (live), REDSHAPE (live)
Saturday, 28 Apr 2012, 23:00h / The Tube – 21 Simina, Belgrade (SER)

Music of this enigmatic London-based producer is pretty much based on the elements of lo-fi aesthetics, errors in encoding, compression and anomalies during music recording. His debut album Hazyville was nominated for Mercury Award in 2008, in competition with The Pet Shop Boys, PJ Harvey and Manic Street Preachers, and was released for his own label Werk Discs that discovered and gave chance to now leading performers of the growing bass scene, such as Zomby, Lukid, Disrupt and Starkey. His second album was released for Honest Jon’s label, owned by Damon Albarn, frontman of Blur and Gorrillaz with whom Actress recorded an album for Warp in DR Congo last year.

Media describe him as an artist who is so underground that even his friends doubt that he even exists. His Belgrade performance is due just prior to the release of his third album.

Redshape is a pseudonym of Sebastian Kramer (b. East Germany), whose sound is hard to describe, sitting somewhere between everything in dance music and his own imagination – not minimal, not maximal and always historical, respecting the classic Detroit vibes. Redshape endeavours to avoid repetition – his live shows (which have brought him to nearly every known European club), morph and develop eachtime, never play the same show twice.

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