Boris @ Mocvara, Zagreb (CRO)

Playing Croatia for the first time, the Japanese avant-punk band Boris covers a range of offbeat styles, from drone, sludge, noise rock, heavy metal, to psychedelia and pop.

They have released 17 studio albums (including such acclaimed works as Pink, Heavy Rocks and Akuma No Uta), a number of EPs, 7″ singles, and full-length collaborative recordings, on various record labels around the world.┬áBoris collaborators include Japanese noisy artists such as Merzbow and Keiji Haino, as well as doom rock legend Sun O))). Their releases traditionally arrive near the top of almost every tastemaker’s anual list, and this time in Zagreb, they’re promoting not one, but three new albums.


Trnjanski Nasip bb
10000 Zagreb
Tel: +38516159667