Balkans Beyond Borders @Belgrade (SER)

Apr 6, 19:30h, REX Cultural Center, Belgrade (SER)

Let’s Talk About Last Year’s Big Bad Crises

Balkans Beyond Borders is an organization headquartered in Greece, a country increasingly synonymous with the word “crisis”. Last year, in response to the growing economic uncertainty and social unrest in the Mediterranean, Balkans Beyond Borders held a festival of short films thematically linked by the notion of “crisis”.

The films were made by young directors from across the Balkans. The festival, which was supplemented by a series of workshops in Tirana, Skopje and Athens, was entitled “Who is afraid of the big bad crises”.

The short films approach the theme of “crisis” differently: some are overtly political, such as Vid Rajin of Serbia’s Democracy is to Choose, a European finalist in the Global Democracy Video Challenge, a competition organized by the U.S. State Department. Other films tackle a diverse array of topics, from the devastation of the Skopje earthquake of 1963, to coming-of-age as a young woman in a Roma community, to food as metaphor in the Balkans. The films also vary in form: several use various forms of animation, others employ an experimental documentary style, while others simply classify as video art. Films were selected by members of the Balkans Beyond Borders team and Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis, a well-known director of short films.

Now, people in Belgrade will have the opportunity to view those short films that first debuted in Athens last year. A follow up hybrid event hosting both music and short films called “Let’s talk about last year’s big bad crises” is scheduled for April 6 at REX Cultural Center. A total of 12 short films will be shown. Following the end of the projections, DJ Sonja Kovacev will preside over REX’s lobby from 21:55 until 23:30.

Doors open at 19:30, and the first projection begins at 19:45. There will be a brief intermission. Tickets are 100 RSD.

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