Let there be copy: Missionary Church of Kopimism, world’s only file sharing religion

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BTURN teams up with SHARE Conference, a three-day international event in Belgrade, Serbia, focusing on Internet, new media and social activism, packed with talks, discussions, presentations and music gigs. In the upcoming weeks, we keep you informed on whos and

Get ready for SHARE2 conference

Sami Ben Gharbia

On April 26-28, Belgrade hosts the second edition of Europe’s premium event showcasing all things smart and subversive. Make sure you spread the news around With ominous acronyms liks SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA flooding our news feeds, the Share2 conference

Galaksija, cult Yugoslav DIY computer from the 1980s lives on

Galaksija computer

Why are today’s hackers and tech enthusiasts interested in a little build-it-yourself computer from socialist Yugoslavia? The Galaksija’s unexpected success in 1983 sparked a minor computer revolution, and its influence on the region’s personal computer culture is still evident today

Eastern European cities have the fastest Internet

Fiber optic tips

Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Latvian cities are leading the way in Europe’s broadband speed, according to research conducted by Pando Networks. London lags behind and Paris barely makes it to the top 20. The only Western European cities in the

Silicon ruins: the abandoned tech park in Belgrade forest

Temporary Viewing Platforms exhibition by Milena Putnik / Photo by Ivan Petrovic

Two decades later, the Yugoslav monument to yesterday’s bright future has become a haven for weed-smoking teenagers and scientists conducting illegal experiments. Now the state wants to rebuild it “In two years, Silicon Hill in Zvezdara will be a reality”,

Origins of computer art: New Tendencies movement

Surf Ill by Jean-Claude Halgand

Did you know that fifty years ago, Yugoslavia was at the forefront of computer-based art? Back in the day, it was a novel idea Beginning in 1961, a group of artists in Zagreb began experimenting with using the computer to