CTM.13 – Marcell Mars, The Golden Age Interview

Marcell Mars at HAU2, Berlin CTM.13

We met the Croatian internet activist and researcher Marcell Mars for a prolonged chat about the future of internet, The One Million Books project and the upcoming collapse and uprising of everything Marcell Mars (CRO) is an internet activist and

Geeks behind the Iron Curtain: Yugoslav tech-socialism and the imaginary future

Geeks cover image

Kristian Benic’s book digs out an impressive bulk of geeky stories not just about Commodores and Spectrums, but the Socialist Federal Republic’s very own futuristic endeavours While the Soviets were preoccupied with expanding their nuclear arsenal and launching dogs into

Resonate 2013 New Media Festival @Belgrade (SER)

Golan Levin, Resonate 2013

Following the success of the first Resonate festival that took place in March 2012, Magnetic Field B in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net and Dom Omladine in Belgrade are pleased to announce the new edition of the festival, taking place 21-23 March

Sharing my password with the world? Sure!

Password tmia

The Slovenian TMIA collective invites you to give away your password to a public online gallery. Apparently, it’s all about privacy and trust What will it take to put your online accounts’ passwords out in the open? Would you have

Robots in Slovenian art

ROBOTICA - Sašo Sedlaček, Žicar, 2006 / photo: Hiromitsu Murakami

The first comprehensive exhibition focused on robots in contemporary Slovenian art lands in Venice, Italy The exhibition Robotica includes fields such as interactivity, robotics, informatics and multimedia. It the first comprehensive showcase of this part of contemporary Slovenian art. The

Vuk Cosic: the origins of

Vuk Cosic - Eisenstein

Back in 1994, when the Internet was still young and most people were struggling to grasp what it even was, the movement was born “”, a term widely attributed to Belgrade-born artist Vuk Cosic, refers to a group of

Are you for real? Inside Second Life: interview with Khannea Suntzu

Khannea Suntzu

Lily Lynch jumps into the virtual world to find out who the hell is this transhumanist, blogger, activist, conceptual artist and Second Life genderqueer prostitute. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can catch up with Khannea in person

The future of reading


New reading devices might not change the face of literature, but they will create readers’ communities. According to Readmill, books have a future and the future is digital* Literature is a strange form of art: the art behind all arts, it

SHARE Conference night programme released

Tim Exile

In three days of SHARE Conference (Apr 26 – 28), several Belgrade clubs host a number of cutting edge and genre-bending electronic music acts, including Tim Exile, DJ Pete, DMX Krew and Redlight Tim Exile Musical genius, geek and entertainer

Crowdsourced constitution: better than the real thing?


From Cyber Yugoslavia to Iceland, online democracy is no longer just a fantasy. Plato must be turning in his grave During the late-1990s Internet era, the forgotten micronation of Cyber Yugoslavia (“CY”) was born. CY was launched in 1999, when