Bturn #009 podcast: DJ Borka

DJ Borka, listening to a retro iPod on a bus

Co-owner of the cult Slovenian label rx:tx, Borka has been spinning records for more than 10 years. “Started with breaks but now it’s a bit more hectic, usually with a mixture of funk, soul, hip hop, beats, breaks and such.”

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Bturn #008 podcast: Piece of Shh

Piece of Shh

Piece of Shh, a.k.a Goran Simonoski has been around for a while now. After experimenting in jazz-influenced electronica in the early naughties, he embarked on a more deeper exploration of syncopated rhythms before arriving comfortably at his signature minimal-meets-dubstep sound.

Bturn #007 podcast: George Michael Jackson

George Michael Jackson_crop

George Michael Jackson is an enigmatic figure that recently stepped on the scene as another life of Serbian DJ Moodswinger. GMJ played a killer set at the Bturn terrace at EXIT Festival in July, but since we were too pissed

Bturn #006 podcast: Kinjo


We’ve managed to capture the Macedonian producer Kinjo’s sleek melange of 80’s electro and twisted, nocturnal house beats from our terrace at this year’s Exit festival. It’s that kind of bpm where everything seems slower and mellower than it really

Bturn #005 podcast: Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac

Neki Stranac is no stranger to Bturn. After delivering the brilliant Short journey through Balkan psychedelic folk music, he’s once again right on the ball, rolling us an exclusive moombahton mix made solely of his own edits. In the beginning,

Bturn #004 podcast: NOTA (Bturn launch party set)

Bturn launch party San Francisco

Big thanks to those who came to BTURN launch event in San Francisco. Thank you for the support and the kick-ass party. Special kudos to Stefanking, M.I.R.O, NOTA and the hosts. Enjoy what murky pictures we managed to salvage and

Bturn #003 podcast: Filtercutter


Raised in Bosnia, with a track record built on the Serbian underground scene, Filtercutter a.k.a Stefan Miletic, emerged as one of the most exciting new names among the more abstract takes on club music this side of Europe. The wobbly,

Bturn #002 podcast: DJ Brka

DJ Brka, balearic mode.

Another time travel killer from Slobodan Brkic a.k.a DJ Brka, Belgrade’s expert on forgotten Eastern European pop gems, now in an exclusive Bturn edition of obscure classics from the Yugoslav disco-pop-rock vaults. Along with track-by-track explanations by the man himself.

Bturn #001 podcast: Pytzek


Described as “small, but deadly”, Mario Kolonic a.k.a Pytzek is one of the main vehicles of Zagreb’s clubbing, both as a DJ and a co-owner of Sirup, the best underground club in the city nowdays. He has recently launched the