Bizarre Budapest: The Michael Jackson memorial tree

Photo by dlisbona / flickr

Apparently, MJ got his own post-mortem tree in Budapest. Every year at the anniversary of his death, Hungarian fans gather for a honorary flashmob dance via Real Housewife of Belgrade This is a labor of love. Photos, letters, and candles

How to blend in with the Serbs: no messy hair, no headgear, no skinny

If you're a guy, skinny jeans will get you nowhere.

Some obvious tips on what to wear and how to behave in order to blend in with the Serbian masses and explore your tourist destination in peace It’s very easy to spot a tourist/foreigner in Belgrade and in Serbia in

Bizarre Balkan Universities: Part Two

hate mail

University of Graz professor who made a list of bizarre Balkan universities has received some bizarre mail in his inbox Couple of weeks a go, in September, we posted a list of bizarre Balkan universities by professor Florian Bieber from

Walk on the wild side: Balkan anti-gay riots

Belgrade Gay Pride 2010. Jedi attack. Photo by

After the riots in 2010, this year’s Belgrade Gay Pride was officially banned by the Serbian National Security Council, as a gathering of “high risk”. The Serbian police simply stated it cannot guarantee security to the participants, due to threats

Yugoslavia: The land of casinos and sex on the beach


In this 1986 US travel documentary produced by CBS, Yugoslavia is presented as a socialist paradise where people spend their laid-back, carefree lives amidst breathtaking natural sceneries, with nations and religions coexisting in peaceful harmony. Just five years later, it

Peace Mac: McDonald’s in Sarajevo


Big Mac is alright, but we still prefer the Bosnian cevapi On Tuesday 19 July 2011, after nearly ten years of negotiation, the first McDonald’s opened in Sarajevo. The celebration was lead by the Bosnian Chairman of Presidency Zeljko Komsic

Watch out, it’s the Angry Serbian!

Angry Serbian

For a moment we thought this guy was just another nationalist dickhead talking to himself on YouTube, but it turned out he just may be a kind of homemade Serbian Borat In a weekly videolog on his YouTube channel, a

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Moving with the times: Soviet Army monument goes Marvel

Bulgarian Soviet Army Monument_Marvel

The Soviet army memorial in Sofia, Bulgaria, recently got a colorful makeover by an unknown graffiti artist, causing the Russian embassy to protest because of an “outrageous act of vandalism”. A nifty gesture to round up the whole postcommunism dilemma,

Bieber’s Top 10: List of Bizarre Balkan Universities


Professor Florian Bieber from the University of Graz has recently compiled an interesting list of rather bizarre Balkan universities, with their dubious curriculum, dodgy online presentations and sometimes ridiculous names. We cite the txt in full, originally published on Professor Bieber’s