Where the hell is the Balkans, anyway?

fox news map

Fox News has recently featured a map of Balkans with all the state names and borders mixed up. Of course, it ended up in the news here, because we always get offended if someone does something like that: is it

Naked truth: topless Ukrainian feminists say their next target is Middle East

Femen - 1

The radical Ukrainian protest group – FEMEN has been causing a stir around Europe for a while now. After spectacularly bashing the likes of Putin, Berlusconi and Dominique Strauss Khan, protesting outside the Vatican and launching off-shots in the US,

Lady Diana and Monica Lewinsky chocolate bars

Lady Diana Monica Lewinsky

Only in Bulgaria.

A piece of history: Nazi propaganda posters in Serbia during World War II

nazi propaganda featured image

No Photoshop, no Illustrator, just plain ol’ hand-painted Nazi advertising. Though obviously not as cool as the Soviet One of the issues the Nazi authorities faced with the local population during four years in occupied Belgrade (1941-1945) was how to

[video] We are part of the team: beginning of a gay campaign in Montenegro

Gay montenegro

This just might be the best piece of gay advertising we’ve seen lately, hitting the core of Balkan homophobia. Montenegrin Center for Civic Education (CGO) and LGBT Forum Progress have produced a charming yet of course, ‘controversial’ video titled “We

Darth Vader wants free land plot in Ukraine


Ukrainian disguised as the Star Wars villain stormed Odessa City Hall demanding to be granted a plot of land to park his spaceship. “I am Darth Vader” he told the guards at the entrance. “I hear that land is being

Food, food, glorious food: Serbia promo video

Serbia food

This just came out, and it seems Serbia finally has a decent promo video for an international spin. Gone are the boring shots of mountains and rivers, instead we got food – simple, but tasty. The video may be a

The last superhero in the world

Martin Strel swimming through the Amazon river, 2007

A little fat and a little deranged, 57 year-old Slovenian Martin Strel swims the Amazon while drinking two bottles of wine a day. He is everything you are not. So why not go with him on a swimming tour? Described

Inside Gaddafi’s tent: colonel’s Yugoslav connection

Having a laugh: Tito and young Gaddafi (right)

Muammar Gaddafi had a few friends in the Balkans, too As the leading country of the Non-Aligned movement during the Cold War era, Tito’s Yugoslavia kept close ties with North African regimes: guys like Hosni Mubarak and Muammar al Gaddafi

Madhouse couture: ultranationalists go fashion

The kiss of Judas: Dr Dabic (left) and Serbian President Tadic

The infamous Belgrade bar where war criminal Radovan Karadzic once drank Bear’s Blood wine and sang hymns to himself, opened its doors to an unusual fashion event, featuring Slobodan Milosevic, George W Bush, Condoleeza Rice and of course, Jesus and