Arab Spring vs European Fall: Interview with war correspondent Boštjan Videmšek

Boštjan Videmek in Helmand, South Afghanistan, July 2008_photo by Jure Erzen

Battlefield reporter, football lover and self-proclaimed media junkie Boštjan Videmšek speaks to Bturn about jogging in war-ridden countries, personality-building traits of three-chord punk music and connections between the Arab Spring and European austerity measures Boštjan Videmšek has been a war

Racist is as racist does

danny rose serbia

Last week’s U21 football game between Serbia and England ended with racist chants yelled by a great number of Serbian fans to black English players, spurring an internet debate on whether all Serbs are racist. The article originally featured on

Kafana, one of the top 101 places to eat on Earth


Manhattan’s lone Serbian restaurant is a perpetual dinner party and you’ll all invited One of the recent Newsweek issues published a list of 101 best places to eat all over the planet, compiled by a number of famous chefs. Among

Belgrade Pride 2012: Faith, Love, Hate

'Ecce Homo' by Elisabeth Olson Willson

Belgrade Pride has been banned once again. After a lesbian flash mob wedding in the city centre, a controversial art exhibition on sex, politics and religion is on its way. God-fearing ultranationalists are ready to strike and the government is

Small change in law could mean a lot for country’s image

Police Serbia

Welcome to Serbia. Did you forget to register with the police? An article in Serbia’s Law on Foreigners (Google this, and most links you get relate to Balkan countries) still requires all foreign tourists to register with the police. A

Win a pair of tickets for Dimensions festival

Dimensions beach party / Photo: Marc Sethi

We are giving away 5 tickets for Dimensions festival in Croatia! See below Featuring a staggering lineup of some of the best electronic music the world has to offer at the moment, the festival takes over Fort Punta Christo’s abandoned

Do you speak Slovene?

Illustration by Lorem Ipsum

For almost half a century now, people all over the world have been gathering for an annual event in the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana to try their hands on Slovene language. Not an easy task, as you might assume If asked

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The story of JAT: the best and the worst of Balkan air travel

Fly JAT: not exactly the best value for money

As you attempt to navigate the region by plane, it becomes apparent that real distance between nations is better measured in the time, money, and hassle it takes you to get from one place to the next than in kilometers

Marko Račič: Yugoslav at the Austerity Games

Harder, better, faster, stronger: Marko Racic at the London Olympic games in 1948

Now at 92, the oldest Slovene Olympian recalls his first visit to London back in 1948 when he had to bring a pack of sausages with him to curb his hunger As the Olympics make their return to London in

The ultimate guide to buffoon philosophers

philosophers zizek

If everybody says Slavoj Zizek is a buffoon, what about the rest of the gang? Here’s the enlightening Bturn guide to buffoon philosophers It has become a standard practice among many scholars nowadays to take the piss out of old