Bturn TV: Loco Dice Interview

Loco Dice

It’s been a long time coming, but 2014 finally brought Desolat label boss and worldwide DJ superstar Loco Dice to the Serbian capital. In a relaxed stroll around Belgrade, local techno heroine Tijana T got a rare insight into Dice’s

You must have heard about Romanian techno by now?

Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

*Via Techno is not big in London nowadays, certainly not as some bass-related derivatives but the genre still holds a devoted base of followers. Resonating in resident foreign cultures (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Belgian) the community experience here

Sponsored Video: Tuborg and Pitchfork Media invite you to become a Music Hunter

Tuborg Music Hunters

Audition to become a Music Hunter and gain exclusive access to festivals, concerts and private gigs while documenting your entire experience through Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube The international beer company has teamed up with the acclaimed US music website

Interview: Publicist, synthesis of man and machine


We’ve managed to catch up with Trans Am’s drummer extraordinaire, ahead of his first solo gig in Belgrade, Serbia Trained in drums, bass, guitar and keyboard, Sebastian Thomson is one of the founding members of the legendary post rock outfit

This is turbo folk 2.0

Ceca: turbo folk's greatest star and a vowel-firing machine

Watch the Balkan queens of trash – Ceca, Seka and JK glitched-up like never before. It’s all an art project, of course Berlin-based Macedonian artist Marija Bozinovska Jones explores the multiplicity of meanings inscribed in ex Yugoslavia’s “deadliest” cultural artefact

A guide to the Balkan music scene in Mexico

This year we will be celebrating Dia de Muertos with a Balkan brass band / Illustration by Blanka Boskov

Mariachi influences have always played a part in Balkan pop music, but over the last decade things have reversed. Mexico City is now embracing the brass-band folk of the Balkans In February 2005, shortly after moving to Mexico City for

Rough guide through the history of Balkan female bands

Cacadou Look: The 1980s were all about that glow

Yes, it’s International Women’s Day today, not that you really care, especially if you are a woman but you might want to check out our guide through Yugoslav all-female bands rocking the stage since the 1960s Beat We are kicking

Interview: MLZ (Demdike Stare)

miles whittaker

After a Jodorowsky-inspired live performance at Berlin’s Transmediale, Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare and Modern Love label talks about his early dance music involvement, production techniques and a busy workflow, ahead of his forthcoming gig in Belgrade As one part

Gramatik, the Slovenian file sharing hero

Gramatik 2

The Slovenian-born music producer’s global popularity is only rivaled by his commitment to global freedom of information. And yes, he’ll let you rip his latest release Most of you are probably not aware of it, but Pirate Bay regularly pepper

Bturn TV: Mount Kimbie interview

Mount Kimbie live at Dimensions, Croatia 2012 / Photo: Dan Medhurst

After performing at Dimensions Festival in Croatia, the British ‘post-dubstep’ duo talks about their live act and the burden of following up a critically acclaimed debut album Dimensions Festival in Croatia hosted all kinds of awesomeness already in its first