Orto bar

Catering to the music tastes of Ljubljana’s more rockish crowds, the two-floor Orto is a rather capacious club, embellished with Pulp Fictionesque red velvet and huge stainless steel vent turbines. It hosts a mash of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, hard rock, heavy

Silicon ruins: the abandoned tech park in Belgrade forest

Temporary Viewing Platforms exhibition by Milena Putnik / Photo by Ivan Petrovic

Two decades later, the Yugoslav monument to yesterday’s bright future has become a haven for weed-smoking teenagers and scientists conducting illegal experiments. Now the state wants to rebuild it “In two years, Silicon Hill in Zvezdara will be a reality”,

Gala Hala

Photo by Eva Taucar

Occasionally accused of leaning towards the mainstream by alternative die-hards, Gala Hala is arguably the busiest concert venue of the Metelkova City autonomous cultural zone. It’s comprised of a club for 350 people and an outdoor Summer Stage garden in

Reverse patriotism: the artist who occupied the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 6.25.52 PM

One month before the “Occupy” protests began in New York, artist Damir Niksic decided to occupy the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, pissed because the authorities announced its closing. We decided to contact Damir to see how

A short journey through psychedelic Balkan folk music

Rooster eye, photo by Cecil Williams  cecilw.com

We’ve asked Milan Djuric from Shazalakazoo to compile us a YouTube playlist of lesser-known folk music from the Balkans. As expected, the result is a stunning 10 track collection of sheer musical madness, ranging from Macedonian Gypsy bands, through Albanian

Yugoslavia: The land of casinos and sex on the beach


In this 1986 US travel documentary produced by CBS, Yugoslavia is presented as a socialist paradise where people spend their laid-back, carefree lives amidst breathtaking natural sceneries, with nations and religions coexisting in peaceful harmony. Just five years later, it

The Tube

The Tube

Since its opening in 2008, The Tube has remained faithful to its mission of high quality night entertainment. It is probably the best designed Belgrade club, elegantly styled in black concrete and wood, with several different chill out rooms. In

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Named after Belgrade’s map coordinates, 20/44 is one of the city’s best alternative river spots. The cabin bellow the deck has been described by the owners as “bordello of the ’80s”. In a dimly lit space, old-fashioned defunct PC monitors

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The boat’s name is a word-play between “Baywatch” and Belgrade’s slang “blejanje” (in rough translation: hang around, do nothing). The sprawling two-level club features two large gardens, an indoor swimming pool, as well as basketball and volleyball courts. Just like