This is Balkan: Snippets of Serbia

In Serbia, it's all about Putin and the full metal jacket. © Emma Fick 2014

I was first drawn to Serbia solely because I wanted to trace my family history. However, I quickly found a people, history and landscape so vibrant and nuanced that they beckoned me closer and then pulled me in so tight

You must have heard about Romanian techno by now?

Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

*Via cityofdoom.co.uk Techno is not big in London nowadays, certainly not as some bass-related derivatives but the genre still holds a devoted base of followers. Resonating in resident foreign cultures (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Belgian) the community experience here

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Tuborg Music Hunters

Audition to become a Music Hunter and gain exclusive access to festivals, concerts and private gigs while documenting your entire experience through Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube The international beer company has teamed up with the acclaimed US music website

CTM.13 – Marcell Mars, The Golden Age Interview

Marcell Mars at HAU2, Berlin CTM.13

We met the Croatian internet activist and researcher Marcell Mars for a prolonged chat about the future of internet, The One Million Books project and the upcoming collapse and uprising of everything Marcell Mars (CRO) is an internet activist and

Futuristic solar-powered mosque in Pristina remains just an idea


An Italian architect has a bold plan to build a solar-powered spherical Mosque in the center of Pristina but the local Islamic community is not impressed As an entrant into the “Design the central Mosque in Pristina” competition organized by

Marx Reloaded and the revolutionary turn


This entertaining and thought-provoking German documentary starring Slavoj Žižek features interviews with some of the world’s most renowned thinkers, written and directed by British writer and theorist Jason Barker If you had your ear to the underground last year then

Bturn #009 podcast: DJ Borka

DJ Borka, listening to a retro iPod on a bus

Co-owner of the cult Slovenian label rx:tx, Borka has been spinning records for more than 10 years. “Started with breaks but now it’s a bit more hectic, usually with a mixture of funk, soul, hip hop, beats, breaks and such.”

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Interview: Publicist, synthesis of man and machine


We’ve managed to catch up with Trans Am’s drummer extraordinaire, ahead of his first solo gig in Belgrade, Serbia Trained in drums, bass, guitar and keyboard, Sebastian Thomson is one of the founding members of the legendary post rock outfit

A guide to the Balkan music scene in Mexico

This year we will be celebrating Dia de Muertos with a Balkan brass band / Illustration by Blanka Boskov

Mariachi influences have always played a part in Balkan pop music, but over the last decade things have reversed. Mexico City is now embracing the brass-band folk of the Balkans In February 2005, shortly after moving to Mexico City for

Geeks behind the Iron Curtain: Yugoslav tech-socialism and the imaginary future

Geeks cover image

Kristian Benic’s book digs out an impressive bulk of geeky stories not just about Commodores and Spectrums, but the Socialist Federal Republic’s very own futuristic endeavours While the Soviets were preoccupied with expanding their nuclear arsenal and launching dogs into