Serbinale: Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, Berlin, 29. August – 1. September 2013

serbinale poster

During the four-day festival, German audience will get to see the best of new Serbian art and cultural production outside the usual Balkan cliches According to the festival organisers, “Serbinale is based on a conviction that the trigger for social,

Marx Reloaded and the revolutionary turn


This entertaining and thought-provoking German documentary starring Slavoj Žižek features interviews with some of the world’s most renowned thinkers, written and directed by British writer and theorist Jason Barker If you had your ear to the underground last year then

CTM.13: The Golden Age report

Mykki Blanco

Berlin’s Club Transmediale has been one of Europe’s leading destinations for creative encounters in cutting-edge technology, art and music for more than a decade now. Is it still going strong? Here’s our short and lo-fi photo overview of this year’s

Best of Slovenian fashion: Sanja Grcic in NYC

Sanja Grcic

The Slovenian designer surely saw a successful start of the year, taking on one of the fashion capitals of the world – NYC, with sass and style After showing her collection at Fashion Week Ljubljana, her sporty, urban women’s wear

Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs in London

Karl Annus, wooden spectacles / Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs

The best of Estonian fashion scene hits the British capital this week as part of BFC’s International Fashion Showcase from Feb 15-19 Presenting the work of four breakout Estonian designers under the umbrella of an experiential fictional Ministry designed and

The great pretenders

Marina and Slavoj, beauty and the beast.

The anonymous Slovenian meme-art collective Smetnjak shows no respect to some canonical figures of mainstream art and philosophy, from Marina Abramović to Žižek. But who will have the last laugh? Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest pretender of

Halloween edition: an incomplete guide to Serbian horror

Leptirica (1973), Goran Markovic's classic

Just in time for Halloween, we watched some of the best and worst horror movies from Serbia and Yugoslavia so you wouldn’t have to. From cult 1970s vampire classics to full-frontal contemporary gorno, we submitted ourselves to a variety of

One casual afternoon at Viennafair

Société Réaliste, Greater Europe, acb Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

What do Russian businessmen see in contemporary art? This year’s Vienna International Art Fair – The New Contemporary, gathered 122 galleries from 26 countries, in four days in September. The event’s artistic directors, Christina Steinbrecher (Kazakhstan) and Vita Zaman (Lithuania),

Zero Recycled: the Marshal and the urban hippie from the streets of Skopje

Aleksandar Stankovski

The multimedia artist Aleksandar Stankovski sets up the criteria on the local Macedonian cultural scene corresponding to those of Peter Greenaway, Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, maybe even of Kenneth Anger Besides being one of the most renowned and outstanding Macedonian

Village without women

Village without women

Three brothers are the only inhabitants left in a remote Serbian village of Zabrdje. The brothers never got married and the only way to save their decaying birthplace from dying out is to find a woman. The director Srdjan Sarenac