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The Bambi Molesters

When thinking of Croatia the first thing that comes to mind is probably its magnificent Adriatic coast. And where there’s beautiful beaches… surf’s up! Although rather far from the sea,

Tough Guys of America

Tough Guys of America

If by any chance you came across Belgrade’s alternative music scene of the past decade, it’s unlikely you never heard any of bands these boys played. Names like 36 Daggers,

Ludovik Material

Ludovik Material

Merely a year has passed since their first couple of demo recordings but Ludovik Material already have an extensive local tour, a short European tour, and an a full-length release



Herzel is a multitalented Macedonian artist, originally trained in photography and visual arts. His music knowledge and experience is formed by passion for music and sound itself, but also from

Lenhart Tapes

Lenhart Tapes

One guy, 4 walkmans. Goat and sheep dialogues, muslim chanting, noise rock loops, e-bow instructions, turbo-folk anthems, language lessons, satanist rituals, heavy metal guitar for beginners… Probably the biggest cassette


Wonderland by Sasa Colic


A photo collective, established by six documentary photographers from Serbia. Members share a mission of documenting reality and expanding awareness about social issues in the Balkans. Their work is based

Krasni Novi Novi val

Krasni Novi Novi Val

This loose collective of Slovenian filmmakers is a real breath of fresh air in a country where film is usually associated with bad acting, bad storylines and general dreariness. They

Maja Milos_1

Maja Milos

Maja likes pushing boundaries. The charismatic young director gained praise already as a student, with her short film Si tu t’imagine (2004), a tale of longing for love and passion

Ivan Ikic

Ivan Ikic

Graduated in Film and TV Directing at Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama as the best student in his generation, Ikic (1982) has directed several documentaries, short fiction and commercial films. His


Srdan Golubovic

Golubovic (1972) is one of the most acclaimed Serbian directors. His first feature film Apsolutnih Sto (Absolute Hundred 2001) participated in main programmes of over thirty international film festivals, including



Ana Rajcevic

Serbian sculptor and fashion artist, based in London, working at the intersection of sculpture and costume design. Ana is specialised in synthetic polymers, metal and leather. Following her armor-inspired fashion

Alan Hranitelj

Alan Hranitelj

Hranitelj was born in Croatia in 1968, but moved to Slovenia when he was 16 to pursue a career, giving up his formal education in fashion design. He was quickly

Marija Jelesijevic_photo by Vladimir Miladinovic

Marija Jelesijevic

Harem Royal

Harem Royal

Full bio coming soon.

Ivana Pilja

Ivana Pilja