Vuksa Velickovic

The Soviet erotic alphabet picture book from 1931

Soviet sex 2

This precious discovery from the vaults of Stalinism sheds new light on the supposedly sexually repressive communist society of the former Soviet Union. Yes, the commies loved sex, too The

Keep calm and move to Romania: British ad campaign backfires despite Government efforts

Romanian answer to UK negative campaign in Romania

The UK government’s recently proposed strategy to discourage a new influx of eastern European immigrants has made some Romanians respond with a counter-attack, prompting a diplomatic row between the two

The ultimate guide to buffoon philosophers

philosophers zizek

If everybody says Slavoj Zizek is a buffoon, what about the rest of the gang? Here’s the enlightening Bturn guide to buffoon philosophers It has become a standard practice among

Silence of statues: inside Memento Park and House of Terror in Budapest

House of Terror, Budapest / Photo: Johann Sebastian Hanel

Could things have been different for Hungary today if it had a revolution back in 1989? Fluffy patches of clouds drift over a windy hilltop at the outskirts of Budapest.

Wonderfully freaky: Doris Bizetic, ready for LA


We need this woman to become a superstar Grotesque, bizarre and trashy at first glance, with her mutated, self-produced R&B that sounds like Ariel Pink and Night Jewel overdosing on

Cool Balkania? Nation branding and the rest of Europe

Nation Branding Cool Balkania

In case you haven’t seen the latest EU promo video about Southeastern Europe, it’s trying to tell you we are all different and one and the same. Really? The only

The future of reading


New reading devices might not change the face of literature, but they will create readers’ communities. According to Readmill, books have a future and the future is digital* Literature is a

Brey, UK bass prodigy, shoots his video at a Belgrade flea market


If you care about up-and-coming bass-driven music from the British Islands, chances are you might soon come across Brey, a 20-year-old producer behind the latest release of Serbian/British Svetlana Industries

Let there be copy: Missionary Church of Kopimism, world’s only file sharing religion

kopimism logo

BTURN teams up with SHARE Conference, a three-day international event in Belgrade, Serbia, focusing on Internet, new media and social activism, packed with talks, discussions, presentations and music gigs. In

“Heartless” by Nina Bunjevac

Nina Bunjevac Heartless

Debut collection of comics by the amazing Nina Bunjevac is due in fall 2012, with an advance preview in May 2012 at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival). In case you’re