Lily Lynch

Kosovo 2.0 not coming to Share Conference due to threats from Serbian ultranationalists

Kosovo 2.0

Kosovo 2.0, an independent media outlet and webportal published in Albanian, Serbian and English, has been forced to cancel its presentation at this year’s Share Conference in Belgrade for security

Vuk Cosic: the origins of

Vuk Cosic - Eisenstein

Back in 1994, when the Internet was still young and most people were struggling to grasp what it even was, the movement was born “”, a term widely attributed

Are you for real? Inside Second Life: interview with Khannea Suntzu

Khannea Suntzu

Lily Lynch jumps into the virtual world to find out who the hell is this transhumanist, blogger, activist, conceptual artist and Second Life genderqueer prostitute. If you’d like to see

Crowdsourced constitution: better than the real thing?


From Cyber Yugoslavia to Iceland, online democracy is no longer just a fantasy. Plato must be turning in his grave During the late-1990s Internet era, the forgotten micronation of Cyber

Get ready for SHARE2 conference

Sami Ben Gharbia

On April 26-28, Belgrade hosts the second edition of Europe’s premium event showcasing all things smart and subversive. Make sure you spread the news around With ominous acronyms liks SOPA,

Occupying the barracks: make art, not war

Drustveni Centar Novi Sad - occupying the barracks

When former socialist military spaces become new temples of alternative culture, not everyone is happy about it. Whereas in Slovakia the art squatters become institutionalized, in Serbia they get evicted

Galaksija, cult Yugoslav DIY computer from the 1980s lives on

Galaksija computer

Why are today’s hackers and tech enthusiasts interested in a little build-it-yourself computer from socialist Yugoslavia? The Galaksija’s unexpected success in 1983 sparked a minor computer revolution, and its influence

Silicon ruins: the abandoned tech park in Belgrade forest

Temporary Viewing Platforms exhibition by Milena Putnik / Photo by Ivan Petrovic

Two decades later, the Yugoslav monument to yesterday’s bright future has become a haven for weed-smoking teenagers and scientists conducting illegal experiments. Now the state wants to rebuild it “In

Origins of computer art: New Tendencies movement

Surf Ill by Jean-Claude Halgand

Did you know that fifty years ago, Yugoslavia was at the forefront of computer-based art? Back in the day, it was a novel idea Beginning in 1961, a group of

Madhouse couture: ultranationalists go fashion

The kiss of Judas: Dr Dabic (left) and Serbian President Tadic

The infamous Belgrade bar where war criminal Radovan Karadzic once drank Bear’s Blood wine and sang hymns to himself, opened its doors to an unusual fashion event, featuring Slobodan Milosevic,